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​"Your pet is a member of your family and that doesn't change when you go to work or go away on vacation. But when you can't take your pet along, you don't want them to be home alone all day or stuck in a cage at a kennel. You want them to enjoy the same care and affection you give them. That's what we offer at Petspace, a place where dogs roam free, play, and socialize!"​

Petspace - The Happiest Place for Dogs is a peaceful getaway for dogs to run free, to make new friends and to get pampered. Since our inception in 2010, we have had the privilege to cater to many furry clients serving their Daycare and Boarding needs.

We are a 'home away from home' caring for every dog's individual needs - from fresh, sumptuous home-cooked meals to clean sleeping and play areas. We ensure every dog has eaten his meal (hand-feeding them if required), is kept clean and has played to his heart's content throughout the stay. Being an off-leash facility, we take adequate care in grouping the dogs based on their temperament and help dogs socialize regardless of their age in a monitored environment. We have 5 spacious play areas ensuring dogs of all temperament get to play longer. We also have private boarding for dogs that do not like to socialize with other dogs.

While your pet is staying with us, you could call our staff to check on how your pet is doing. Any health issues are immediately brought to your notice and the vet on call is notified.   


We are a professional setup run by animal lovers. Your pet's needs are of foremost importance to us. We take responsibility for providing a safe and secure environment where your pet's needs are met or exceeded.

Petspace - About Us

Just left my buddy for his first day at the day care. By the time I left the place, he was already playing with other dogs in the fenced field with supervision from the staff there. When I came back to pick him, I could feel the happiness in my dog. He had a very good time. The place Is very spacious and clean. The owner herself takes care of this place and she also is a dog lover!."  ​

Meenu, Buddy's owner


I'd like to give a word of thanks for looking after my two dogs, Charlie and Bruno. They stayed with Petspace for four months awaiting clearance to travel to the United Kingdom. Petspace looked after my two dogs perfectly, for which I shall be forever grateful. When I was united with my dogs at Heathrow airport, I could not stop thanking Petspace for the great work they did". 


Lisa, Ely, England

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