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Day Care & Socialization

Petspace Dog Day Care Bangalore


Day Care

Do you go to work and need to drop your dog at a safe place? Do you want to drop your dog off so that he can have fun playing with other dogs? Dog day care at Petspace is the answer. We take of your dog's needs during the day, ensuring he has burnt his pent up energy and also has had his meals on time.  


7.30 AM to 12.30 PM -   1:1 Play, laze, play with other dogs, welcome    

                                            visitors, laze in the shade, quick drink of water,  

                                            run around, cuddles and hugs

12.30 PM to 1 PM     -    Lunch 
1 PM to 4 PM             -    Nap time
4 PM to 6 PM             -    Play ball, laze, play with other dogs, brushing/checking for ticks

Our clients are all family pets that are loved and taken care off very well at home. With day care available, you need not leave your dog alone. Your dog can spend 1, 2, 3 or even 5 days a week  playing with other dogs and learning how to react appropriately when approached by people, large, small or old dogs. We have monthly as well as pay by the day options.

Timing : 7.30 am to 6.30 pm


Petspace staff evaluates all dogs prior to enrolling for dog day care. 


Socialization encompasses everything from learning how to get along with humans and other animals, becoming comfortable in a variety of environments, and adapting to new situations without fear or aggression. Properly socialized dogs are typically more confident, secure, and generally are less stressed, which, ultimately, leads to a happier and healthier dog. Dog aggression is a major reason for dog abandonment. One of the factors contributing to the likelihood of the development of dog aggression is lack of proper exposure to other dogs.

A day out at Petspace offers socialization oppurtunity for a puppy as well as an adult dog who has never been socialized before. Dogs learn best from fellow dogs. Puppies benefit a lot from play sessions.They learn bite inhibition (or using their jaws gently) and they also learn to respect rules and limits. A  monitored off-leash environment where a dog learns to follow the pack rules helps create a balanced dog. They find that interacting with dogs, and being handled by men, children and strangers is safe and fun.

At Petspace, we individually train the dog over one or multiple sessions to socialize with other dogs.

Petspace Dog Socialization
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