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Going on a vacation for a few days or a few weeks? Bring your pet to Petspace, for their boarding stay and they'll have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours.


We provide :


  • Comfortable, clean, safe sleeping area

  • Drinking water in all kennels and play areas

  • Air coolers/fans/heaters  to keep the dog's stay comfortable 

  • Completely fenced ensuring a highly secure environment with CCTV monitoring

  • No ticks and fleas

  • Fresh cooked yummy food. Puppies are fed as per the schedule at home

  • Ample off-leash play time in large open play areas 

  • Four different play areas to ensure dogs are appropriately grouped according to their temperament 

  • Medications and supplements administered on schedule

  • Daily health check to ensure issues are addressed as soon as they occur

  • Vet on call in case of emergencies

  • Updates, Pictures, Videos of your furry companion

  • Individual attention with loads of cuddles and hugs

  • Contacts for pickup and drop cab service

Food provided:
Main meals - Rice with Chicken/Egg/Vegetables/Soya/Milk/Curd

All reservations are to be made in advance



6.30 AM to 7 AM            -   Main Meal - 1

7 AM to 12.30 PM          -   Play time

12.30 PM to 1.30 PM    -    Health check/grooming

12.30 PM to 1 PM          -    Lunch (optional)
1 PM to 3 PM                  -    Nap time
3 PM to 5.30 PM            -    Play time

5.30 PM to 6.30 PM      -    Main Meal - 2

6.30 PM to 6.30 AM      -    Sleep time

Checkin / Checkout timing : 7:30 am to 5 pm

Petspace Dog Cat Boarding
Temperament Test


Petspace staff evaluates all dogs prior to boarding. We want to ensure that Petspace will be a happy, comfortable space for your dog. During the evaluation we will introduce your dog to our behaviour specialists as well as a small group of similarly sized dogs to observe the interaction. This will give us a peek into the temperament of the dog to ascertain the play group that he can belong to. 

Boarding Policy


1. Proof of current vaccinations (Rabies, 7 in 1 , bordettella - KC) is a must. The pet should be healthy and free of any contagious disease 

2. Pet should be free of ticks and be on a tick/flea preventive

3. Female pets must not be in heat (3 weeks from start of the cycle)


4. Read and agree to terms of the Boarding agreement 

First time boarders

It is HIGHLY recommended that first time boarders are brought into the facility prior to boarding. This will help acclimatize the dog to the new surroundings, people and other dogs and make his stay pleasant. It will be a good opportunity for us to know the dog as well as you can provide us feedback on what the dog likes.  Please read through the blog that offers detailed tips.


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