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Chakras and their role in your Pet's life


Chakras are believed to be pools of energy in our bodies that contribute to our well being in all aspects. Those of you who have experienced the soothing benefits of yoga will realize that the yoga poses and breathwork move chi or prana through the body. Detailed maps of the chakra system and their connecting meridians and pathways, have been used for thousands of years in Eastern mysticism and practices such as acupuncture and Reiki. 


Human beings have 7 major chakras - four in our upper body, which govern our mental properties, and three in the lower body, which govern our instinctual properties. The chakras are attached to the spinal cord and nervous system via certain glands and nerve ganglia. If our chakras are out of balance that imbalance can affect your dog’s energy system as well. If you are felling stressed dropping a dog at boarding or at the vet, it’s highly likely your dog feels the same. Keeping your chakra balanced may resolve some of your dog's issues as well.


Animals are known to have 8 chakras. The extra chakra is the Brachial chakra which is the main energy center in animals and links to all other chakras. This is the center that relates to human-animal bond. This is located on either side of the animal between the shoulders on the back. The other chakras and associated issues are:


ROOT CHAKRA : fearful / greedy dog, food/toy possessive,bone disorders, arthritis


SACRAL CHAKRA : lacking in warmth, overly emotional,  separation anxiety , low energy


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA : timid, dominating aggressive, digestive system issues


HEART CHAKRA : fearful, inability to bond, abused and rescue animal issues


THROAT CHAKRA : excessive or lack of vocalization, vocal problems, thyroid issues


THIRD EYE CHAKRA : headaches, poor eye sight


CROWN CHAKRA: depression, withdrawn



Every thought, act or emotion affects the chakras which in turn affects the physical body and manifests itself as various diseases.  Also, external stimuli including physical injuries have an effect on the chakras and puts them out of balance. This is the same for animals and humans alike. For a wholesome being, the chakras have to be kept balanced. 






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