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Crystal Healing


Healing crystals works miracles with animals as with humans. Animals are very sensitive and

they react instinctively, so crystals are effective and natural healing method for pets to

maintain their health.


Physical body is just energy in various patterns and densities. When the energy fields work in a

balanced fashion good health is experienced. This balance is affected with negative thoughts and

feelings causing disharmony eventually manifesting itself as a physical illness. Each crystal

resonates with different frequencies. They match up with the frequencies that exist in the physical

organs and systems. Using a clear Quartz on the pet helps with simulating energy levels and with

strengthening the immune system. By virtue of its vibrational nature a crystal aids the pet in

changing his vibration. We provide specialized crystal kits that work for the specific issues you

or your pet is experiencing.


We extensively use the crystal pendulum to check the chakras. One of the preliminary steps in the

healing process is to locate where the chakra imbalance lies and to be able to treat it. The crystal

gives feedback about the location of each chakra and its movement aiding us to address the issue

with specific chakras.  The pendulum’s rotation reflects your energy field. We are experienced  to pick up on all of the different chakra nuances and be able to read whether you or your pet is going through joy, peace, clarity, heaviness, pain or sadness.


We also undertake cleansing and energizing of your living space, so that your energies are balanced with that of your pet's living space. 

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