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Holistic Healing


“The greatest Medicine of all --- is to teach people how not to need it.” ~ Sushrutha 600 B.C


Holistic Healing encompasses healing the body, mind and the spirit. The purpose of the healing is to achieve a balance in the physical, mental and emotional levels. The positive effect of holistic healing is well proven in human beings and there are numerous documentation and case studies that prove that it works. In our experience, even animals are open to receive the healing and get well miraculously if they choose to. 


Holistic healing is used alongside conventional medication. Conventional medicines work well with infections of any kind. Conventional medication helps in only relieving the symptoms in the cases where the illness is the result of deep seated emotional or envirnmental issues. Resolution to deep seated emotional issues is a must to resolve the physical ailment completely. Most of the disorders pets face these days are the result of their environment as well as their lifestyle. The alternative therapies that we use are counselling, behaviour and lifestyle modification, energy healing, crystal healing, tarot reading and meditative techniques. Therapy session involves alleviating the symptoms as well as fixing the source of the disease. 


Holistic healing can help with problems such as alleviating pain, recovery from an illness, recurring health issues, behavioural  issues, preventive care, old age issues, coping with a pet with terminal illness and bereavement. 








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