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Basics of holistic healing


Conventional medical treatment works at the physical level. So, if your pet has an infection the way to cure him is to take him to a vet and get him treated. If he has injured himself or ingested something, your first step is to take him treated by a vet.


We notice many a time that the pet comes down with a recurrent issue and however much he is

treated the issue just keeps coming back. Another scenario is where medical science has given

up and says that there is no diagnosis or no cure for this ailment. Feel stuck not knowing what

to do? You have just rescued a dog and you see that however hard you try there is this little thing

your baby can't seem to work it out. You just want to find out what can be changed so your baby is

'normal' like all other dogs. All these scenarios and many more can be resolved by what we call

as holistic or spiritual Healing.


Life is a journey and we all go through our ups and downs. The downs teach us the lessons we need to

learn in life and the ups give us the chance to prepare for the next down. Being in the down is a part of

life that doesn’t mean that we need to suffer and go through with life. In a similar way, there is a

possibility that the pet is going through his learning in this planet. It doesn’t mean that he needs to

learn the wisdom through pain and suffering. It’s a strong possibility that the pet is suffering so that

you learn the wisdom through that. Though an event or a happening cannot be changed, how we react to that can certainly be worked on. The how to do it' is addressed through holistic healing.


Ever heard of a lion suffering from diabetes in the wild? Increasingly we see a number of dogs suffering from diabetes and practically all illness that a human family has usually termed as life-style illness. Reasons could range from diet, place of stay, pollution, effect of the stress, suffering or illness of the owner or his family. Holistic healing not only helps in reducing the levels of stress in the family it also provides with workable methods that allow healing without need for requirement of continuos medication.


Holistic healing employs a whole gamut of tools and methods. We use various methods depending on the need of the pet and the owner. Talk to us!

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