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Healing the owner to heal the pet









comes in contact with different people. A dog displaying traits of disobedience in a house-hold can latch on to the repeated feelings to mistrust that he is subjected to. As far social interactions goes dogs assume that humans are part of their pack. They would relate to a human in the same way they relate to another dog in the pack. In fact they are very good observers of human behaviour. They react the same way humans behave in a social situation. Just as how we are attracted to pleasant sweet people dogs do the same. Just as how we get disturbed when someone in the home is sick or confrontational, dogs feel the same way. Just as how we fall ill when mentally we dont feel at ease, dogs feel the same. 


Dogs tune into us at the physical, emotional and at the intuitive levels. If our chakras are out of balance, this imbalance affects the dogs energy system. If we feel stressed while taking the dog to the vet or while dropping the dog at a boarding kennel the owner's fear or stress is transferred to the dog. Its our observation that calm owners have calm pets and stressed owners bring in dogs that are nervous and stressed. 


Humans and the environment though grow up in are the cause of many animal illness and disease. House pets suffer from the same disease as humans. Dogs love their owners so much that they are willing to lay down their life for them. The disease begins at the symptomatic level where the pet dog is sympathazing with his owner, which gets worse if its left untreated. They also can take on an owners illness. Sometimes the animal will heal when you the owner is healed out the problem. Its the owners responsibility to give a calm and stress free environment to the dog. So if you are going through an emotional turmoil healing yourself helps people in your house as well as pets. We can work with you as well as your pet in addressing issues that arise out of this wonderful bond that you share with your pet.


* Data from: Min Hooi Yong and Ted Ruffman (2014). Emotional contagion: Dogs and humans show a similar physiological response to human infant crying. Behavioural Processes, 108, 155 – 165.

The presence of pets around us brightens our day and makes us very happy. Scientific evidence proves that they can make us have healthier lives. Animals in fact act as therapists themselves! All of us with pets have noticed how a dog connects to us when we are upset or stressed. In fact, if we hear a baby cry we respond by checking on the crying baby as well as release a stress harmone called cortisol. If you had a dog in the house he would respond to a crying baby in the same way. A study published in the 'Behavioral processes' journal corroborates this. The dogs' cortisol level rises in a similar way to humans when they are stressed. They display visible signs of stress as well.


Dogs try to determine the nature and personality of a human being. We have observed that dogs behave differently with different people in the house. This proves that they have sophisticated social intelligence. We also observe that a little puppy trusts all beings that it comes in contact with. This aspect gradually changes as it 

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