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Cute li’l Brats @ Petspace

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Someone asked me if all or ‘most’ dogs were well behaved. Whoa! Whoa! Nothing could be farther from the truth! For all ye unsuspecting potential pet parents out there, trust me when I say this: a mischief monger dog can have you pleading for mercy from God Almighty in no time!

Lemme give you some examples here. I had this cute black Labrador at Petspace who had a liking, nay, a fetish, for tearing up everything! Every night (during the cold winter days) we would spread a mattress to keep the stay warmer for these folks. The morning after this dude walked in, I was staring aghast at the mattress shredded to pieces and the look...the look of accomplishment on his face just had me laughing my head off. Here was the guy standing at my feet looking for appreciation for a job well done! <huh!>

What can I say about the gang-of-three pugs who would chase and torment every other dog (especially the big ones) just for fun! They would sneak up and surprise them or simply bark into their face and run. I guess either the bigger dogs were truly startled or just chose to put up with the exuberant midgets. Nevertheless, I would have to keep an eye and ensure that all is fun and play.

And yeah, this post would be incomplete if I didn’t mention about the one with razors for teeth, who just chomped away at the fencing and even the kennel door!! His jaws were a veritable scissoring machine and like the genie had to be kept ‘busy‘ all day!!

That said, I must add in the same breath that what would life be but for those practical jokes and wisecracks in action! :) Every time I see these folks think up a new way to have fun I also realize that they’ve helped me discover a new facet in myself. And yeah…it is these little rascals that add such a joy to an otherwise mundane existence (as most dog owners say), that makes every day in life something to look forward to! Coz you never know what the next brat has in mind for ya… Well lemme stop here and go find out :)

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