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Tarot Reading


The Tarot deck is a picture book of life, depicting the deeper meanings of various facets of life. It is one of the spiritual healing tools that can be used to understand the negative patterns and help create positive experiences. For most people, the access to subconscious thoughts and feeling is blocked by the logical mind. During a reading, the random selection of the cards is a reflection of the thought patterns of your subconscious 

mind. The same can be used in a reading with animals to understand what they are trying to communicate to you.


Most people have the impression of a Tarot reading as something that predicts their future or impending disaster. In fact, that is not the real purpose of a Tarot Reading! Tarot enlightens you about the choices you have in a given situation and the outcome of going through each of these choices. The tarot is meant to be an amazing tool to getting in touch with your “inner guide”. Your past, present and possible future as well as 

possible solutions to your problem are revealed. The tarot reader interprets each card based on the card’s symbolism as well as intuition. So, the Tarot can help you to understand the choices you have with respect to your pet as well as the changes you can incorporate in bringing peace and happiness in your life. 




1. What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 (79 cards in the Zen Osho deck) cards that depicts various aspect of life. Of these, there are 22 (plus one in case of Zen Osho deck) cards that form the Major Arcana. These mainly represent significant life changing events. Apart from these there are 4 suites with 14 cards each, which collectively are known as the Minor Arcana. These are similar to the deck of playing cards. Each of these 4 suites represent 

Fire, Water, Clouds and Rainbow.


2. How does a Tarot work?

There are many theories that exist on how a Tarot works. As with any meta-physical aspect, there is no scientific proof or logical reasoning on how it works. Nevertheless, Tarot readers as well as clients who have taken a reading, undoubtedly are awed at how the “Tarot actually works“!                                                          

 Each Tarot card has a certain symbolism. In a reading, a particular aspect of the card is highlighted which the Tarot reader picks on and interprets the cards. When a question is asked by the client, the Tarot reader taps into the ‘Divine’ or the ‘Universal Collective Conscious’ or the ‘spirit’ or your ‘sub-conscious’ whatever you choose to call it to find the answer. The Tarot cards can be considered as a language of communication with the 

spiritual world to get guidance on the issue at hand.


3. Can Tarot predict the future?

Tarot or Astrology or any other method that predicts the future does so on the basis of the current life situation or energies of the client as the time of the reading. Every person has a free will in determining the outcome of a situation. So the answer is a ‘yes‘ as well as a ‘no‘.


4. How does Tarot help in giving insights?

The Tarot gives guidance on various solutions possible for a issue and the end-result if a particular solution is chosen. The client can then choose the best suited path for him. It is extremely helpful in resolving a dilemma as well as opening you to more options for resolving the issue. It helps in predicting if there are any hurdles in your chosen path and how to get around it.


5.What are the typical questions clients have in a reading?

Typically client readings are for making the best choice among job offers, prospective bride/groom, office/house location and personality development. Readings are also done for finding out how to make things work or how to better their situation in life. Tarot points out the issues which if corrected can lead to problem resolution. Clients also come for a general reading on career, relationship, health and spiritual well-being.


Client readings with respect to a pet range from the reasons for the cause of health/behavioural issues, what the pet is trying to comunicate to you, the better choice with respect to a treatment options, whether a specific dog that you want to bring in can integrate well in your house and so on.


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