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Bunny @ Petspace :)

"If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be messed up!! ~Mitch Hedburg

When I first came across the above sentence it didn’t mean much to me. Now, it DOES!! :)

Imagine this! I get this call from a prospective customer, only, this time it aint a dog but a Rabbit called Bunny! Yeah! You heard me right! A RABBIT!! Although I was initially a bit apprehensive of how the dogs would react to a rabbit, we decided to bring him to Petspace and see for ourselves.

If Bunny was even moved in the least by the presence or excited barking of other dogs, he didn’t show it. In fact, every single dog that was and has been visiting Petspace since Bunny’s arrival seems fascinated. Almost mesmerized.

It’s a common sight to find dogs squatting right in front of Bunny’s kennel and just gazing at him. Some wag their tails and call out. Others try to smell him through the door. But in all, I have not seen any dog being hostile towards him. Nonetheless, I don’t take chances and have not allowed Bunny and any dog out together free. Just suffice to watch their unique expressions of love play out across the kennel’s secure door!!

Oh well! Now coming back to the line above by Mitch Hedburg. Bunny is a 3 month old Rabbit. He LOVES carrots and leafy vegetables. We grow some vegetables in our garden area at Petspace and each day, Bunny just treats himself with the carrots and leafy greens. It’s easy to please a rabbit or so I have learnt: just give him a few carrots!

And no post on Bunny would be complete if I didn’t mention his eyes! Those big beautiful eyes, red/pink in color seem to completely fill your mind and thoughts once you’ve see them! Maybe that’s what holds and mesmerizes the dogs too! :)

If you can and wanna visit place in the near future, you would see for yourself what I am talking about. Although, I had not ever thought about a rabbit guest at Petspace, I’m really glad we took him in and Bunny adds yet another beautiful page in my memories to cherish!

Even as I wondered about Bunny and how every dog seems taken by him, I came across a quote by Stephen Wright that may be the answer to what keeps them interested in him:

“The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.”

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