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Petspace featured on TV

“Television: chewing gum for the eyes." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Over the last few months we had crew from two TV shows shoot Petspace and the dogs residing / playing here. It was also my first media experience. I had been interviewed by journalists from the print media earlier but this was a whole new experience. I am really grateful and could see the amount of hard work that goes into the creation of a video episode / TV show.

TV9 (Kannada): Ladies Club!

The first shoot was by TV9 in Kannada for their “Ladies Club” episode that showcases innovative business ideas. When I got the call from them about the coverage I was very excited and wondered how the day would go and how the dogs would behave with a bunch of camera crew focusing on them all day.

The day when the TV9 crew landed at Petspace was quite a hot summer day. In the sweltering heat while we managed to coax few of the doggies to come up and face the camera, I also found a few really ‘cool dudes’ who found the experience very engrossing and appealing! They put up quite a show strutting around the camera and exuding a sense of general merriment and fun.

I also gave my own ‘sound’ bytes on pet care (pun intended :) ) later following that up with an ‘interview; at the TV9 studio with Radhika, the anchor of the show. It was a FUN experience and I do hope that some of my comments and suggestions could be valuable to customers and dog lovers.

NDTV Good Times: Heavy Petting

I was introduced to this show by a customer. I watched the show and I loved the way it’s done. All credits to Seema Rahmani (the anchor) for hosting such a terrific show, among the first to showcase pets and pet related stories in India. I’d already pressed the ‘Like’ button in my mind for this show at first glance. So when I got the call from Arun of NDTV-GT for a shoot with Seema I was looking forward to this shoot.

With the experience of one shoot (TV9) behind I felt pretty confident that our koochies could only look good on cam! This experience was quite different in that the crew just waited patiently for capturing each dog in his elements. Patience (and perspiration) swelled from the crew as they just waited to ‘pick those moments’. Again I realized that somehow few dogs just LOVE the camera! Do they actually watch TV when they are home??!! I wonder! :) This is set to be aired sometime in August.

<<I must add that those who know me would be surprised with my deep base voice as I was down with a sore throat on that very day!! >>

Close on the heels of these two shoots I was also glad to be chosen and interviewed for a book "Zeitgeists New Age Women Entrepreneurs" that will be published in association with IIMB. The book is on women entrepreneur’s journey starting up a business.

In all, this summer has been quite an experience with new experiences from an altogether unexpected corner: the fourth estate!I

I came across this quote recently and it brought a smile to me face:

“Time has convinced me of one thing. Television is for appearing on, not looking at.” ~Noel Coward, attributed :)

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