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Petspace: The Beginning!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

As I walked through the gate into ‘Petspace’ on the day of its opening, I could see in my mind’s eye the work, time & effort that had gone into making this day a reality. I wondered at this magical process where a single thought, when backed with action, gets transformed into a tangible reality!

It was during my course on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’ at IIM-B that I first started looking around me for a ‘cause’ that could also serve as a business opportunity for me. It is then that it occurred to me to take my ‘pet’ hobby to a professional level.

I have two pets: a cat (Misty) & a dog (Buster). As it happens with most of us pet owners, our pets hold the focus of our energies and conversation topics far more than we probably realize! :) I found a lot of people facing issues with understanding and / or getting through to their pets. Somehow I seemed to be able to connect with them with a natural ease. Another common problem seemed to stem from the fact that the pet owner’s life (especially travel) gets affected with constant worry about the pet’s safety and care. So I would volunteer to ‘take care’ or ‘sit’ these pets while they were away. Now I looked to further explore my natural ability to connect with these darlings.

It started as a simple thought ‘to be able to help understand the dog psychology and bridge that gap between what we think our pet is telling us versus what he / she really wants to convey’. I figured the best way to do it would also entail spending more time with many of them. Churning all these thoughts together resulted in bringing up a Dog Day Care and Boarding called PETSPACE, close to the WIPRO Corporate office on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore!

I did a course with the Pet Sitter’s International (USA) to further hone my natural ease and bring in a professional approach to handling dogs. Meanwhile, I worked with the actual bringing up of the place including locating the site, construction, hiring employees and everything that Petspace offers its customers. Today Petspace revels with over 9000 square feet of play area to go with immense love that I and the staff working here shower on the koochi koochi pooches! :)

More than 9 years of experience in the corporate world along with the exposure to a humane approach to animals I developed during my residence at US have helped me immensely in coming up with my own mix of ‘services’ offered by Petspace (including counseling and Pet Parties) with a professional and yet personal touch to it. Petspace is a standing testimony to the translation of good intent to action and I endeavor to help as many pet owners as possible to connect with their pet and find what all of mankind is always looking for – unconditional love :)

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