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Ceaseless Caesar & Tireless Cyrus

“Who said the search is still on for an unending source of energy? Haven’t you met children or puppies!!”

Yep! There is the quote for this post. And it isn’t from some famous, long gone philanthropist. It’s from a simple doggone woman staring speechlessly at two mischievous pups running amok: Me!

I’ve cultivated this rare skill of feeling the temperament of a dog even as he walks in for the first time. There it was! I knew there was something in him when Caesar the 3 month old Beagle strutted into Petspace. And yet, for the first day he was quiet. My sixth sense foretold me of the storm that comes after the calm. I waited for the entire day. Nothing happened.

The next day a cute little 3 month old Golden Retriever, Cyrus, joined the party. He looked and felt like a walking, running Teddy Bear! I could just forget myself as I stood cuddling him and pampering him with love. The minute he entered the play area, Caesar started troubling him like he was an old pal who just had to be harassed!

The first day went with Cyrus playing the underdog. May be he was just too taken in by the excitement in Caesar to even react. I guess the long hours of the night made for some quite resolve and planning from his side. The next day onwards started this non-stop play between the two pups! They would just go on and on and on…

At some point I thought, maybe I should play the referee and induce a little break time between rounds. What does a woman do, when she looks into the eyes of a cute little Beagle with the most precious eyes, like he was wearing kajal! Believe me, every one remarked on this feature of Caesar. Besides, I have not met anyone and I certainly am not the one who could look at a Teddy Bear and feel even an iota of strictness or firmness.

And so, for the 10 days of their stay, we were witness to the longest ever bouts of unstoppable play. As the self-appointed Ref, I concluded that the ‘game was the winner’ at the end.

I’m sure it gives some clue of how CUTE they could be if you held them in your hands and looked them in the eye… phew! There I go…weak in my knees at the very thought!!!

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