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‘Soulmates’ @ Petspace

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

“Our Soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person.” Richard Bach

Of course you read it right! I am indeed talking about ‘Soulmates’ :) It is no surprise that I write on this topic given that day in and day out I am at a place that abounds with one quality: LOVE!

On the 15th of April’2011, Don, a pug came to stay at Petspace during the holiday season for a long vacation and there started a beautiful story of friendship that I now share with you. Don loves to play with other dogs and makes me wonder where in his cute little frame does he have the source of this much energy to play ALL THE TIME! I guess among God’s inimitable imagination and creation lies this little secret power house or store house of energy that He gifts children and dogs alike! But not all can keep going as much and as far as Don could! You must see him to believe him.

Nemo’s temperament is quite the opposite of Don’s, (at least initially it was!). He seemed a bit more sobre and ‘gentleman-like’. In his previous visits he seemed to be the ‘calm’, ‘quite’ types! And yet…yet, they proved a simple physics rule to be true, the law of magnetism: Opposites attract!

Nemo, the Cocker-Spaniel loves balls while Don plays with other dogs. And when these two cute brats get together, they seem to forget everyone else around them in the world. Like a true color Bollywood masala movie of the 80s and 90s, initially Don troubled Nemo and then Nemo returned the favor. But after that initial phase they struck such a close friendship that they were pretty much inseparable. In fact, Don gets so engrossed in playing with Nemo that he caused me worry about his forgetting to eat! Nemo boarded at Petspace thrice during the period when Don was here. Each time when Nemo would leave for home, Don would actually sit sadly at the gate watching him go. I felt his cheerful attitude was at its peak when he received Nemo the next time he came to Petspace.

Watching these gestures of pure love among these friends makes me wonder how often we humans actually give of ourselves so completely and selflessly to just be in the moment and share the joy of a moment created with our love for one another.

And yeah, I used the word ‘Soulmates’ coz like all true love stories the friendship is forged between all sizes and shapes :)

Take a look at these friendly pairs for instance:

Chocolate (a big Golden Retriever) & Anya (a small pug)

Bela ( a mastiff) & Ach (a lab)

Spark (a lab) & Buddy (a Shih tzu)

They have nothing in common excepting pure love and a happy-go-lucky attitude :)

Well, as for me, I am really happy to see these blossoms of friendship that seem to create a welcoming and homely ambience for the next pooch walking in…!! :)

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