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Of Cats & Dogs!!

“Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you.”

A Very Happy New Year to All!! :)

The run up to the New Year at Petspace was quite a nice play of coincidence. It rained ‘cats & dogs’ as we neared the big NY day. And we had cats & dogs boarded too! I’ve written a lot about dogs so will write about cats in this post.

Being a dog and cat owner myself it just felt nice to connect with these amazing beings filled with so much love. Recently, I came across these ‘Cat Laws’ and one of them read: Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours. Watching Wally, a Persian kitty walking around exploring my office at Petspace made me agree with that law totally.

He walked with an ease and fluidity of movement that only cats could possess. He looked at the curtain drapes and with the alacrity of a seasoned gymnast used it with finesse to sit on my desk looking into my eyes and purring his messages softly. Even as I sat mesmerized he took a walk around as if inspecting the place and being satisfied with what he saw made himself comfortable allowing my calls to him be recorded in the ‘answering machine’ inside his mind!

I’m sure you’ve seen the movie ‘Cats & Dogs’ and the hilarious spoof of the wondrous Bond & other Secret Agent movies with new 4 legged characters. While dogs shower us with their attention and love I do believe there is great merit in owning a cat. Just remember that a) To a Cat, “No” means “Not while I am looking!” and b) Anything not nailed down is a Cat Toy & c) After dark all cats are leopards (Native American proverb).

Hmm! And what can I say about those many dogs that made my New Year ever more special. The calmness and peace of cats is matched by the excitement and verve of the dog family. They ushered in the new year at Petspace with their trademark barks and wags! It is at once an overwhelming and exulting feeling to watch 15 or so dogs running to greet you every time you walk up to them. No wonder Aldous Huxley explained the popularity of dogs thus: ‘To every dog, his owner is Napolean’.

While Bangalore welcomed NY2012 with rains like cats and dogs, I welcomed it with them.

Sitting with Buster and Misty I also realized that it’s true what they say: “Dogs believe they are human; Cats know they are Divine”. Well, whether you have one of these ‘humans’ or ‘Divine’ in your home, here’s wishing you ALL a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Haffun!

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